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Ancestors Corner

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Painter and Muralist (1938- )

Floyd Sapp is an established painter and muralist. His daughter, Maisha Sapp, is a senior here at C.W. Post. Maisha was delighted to see this exhibit and, therefore, provided this magnificent print of her father's original mural entitled THE ARCH OF BEAUTY.

Floyd Sapp was born in New Jersey and lived there until he finished the 10th grade. His family moved to New York where Floyd developed a greater interest in art. Floyd Sapp also used his exceptional talent as a portraitist and landscape painter. Later, he combined his themes in art with his natural ability as a poet. His vision of art and poetry is exemplified in his

THE ARCH OF BEAUTY, which he dedicated to the "COMMUNITY". Mr. Sapp teaches art and African-American history. Maisha Sapp says he paints murals "in his spare time." Besides Maisha, Mr. Sapp lives with his wife and three other daughters in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Sapp operates his own studio in Brooklyn.



Artist / Sculptor

John Tarrell  Scott

Born 1940 - Died September 2007

Biography courtesy:

African American Visual Artists Database 

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