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My Lover Man By Lady Blues Jackie Amos

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Lady Blues states nobody knows my name, buy my compositions shall compliment the sounds of black roots. The blues was born the motherland of suffering and pain, oh how the poetic revolution, when the Deep South lived and prayed by the black psalms. The history that bared the pain and the underground that brought a new day, through the suffering came enhancement, and through the roots of cries brought character, and character that sooth the suffering of the end of slavery and the roads to freedom. Lord I Ain't Going To Study War No More, I'se on my way to the freedom land, lord I shall open the door. The Southern blues is the style of lady blues; her dynamic style portrays Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Etta James, Earthier Kit," My man Doesn't Love Me" Billy Holiday, and many exceptional lady blues singers, her high light is differently original, with that misty forte of blues aesthetics " Many say she is the resurrection of the past. Lady blues Jackie compose on the rhythm of the bars of notes; the melody instantly forms a historic symphony of blues. Lady Blues portray the 40's in her conservatory of originals, feeling the soul that lives within her, her vocal style at times resemble Bessie Smith, and many masters of the blues. Lady Blues also creates a forum the back door blues. I take on a new preservation of modern blues and jazz, with a touch of honey that sticks to my ribs, the legends that lives through me, The symposium preceded a performance of blues related to the compositions of her poetry, the pain of pleasure one might say sadistic in the format of relevance, the association of pain and pleasure, Lady Blues Jackie have been performing since the age of 19 relating to the stories of her family tree, I think she is genuinely.

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