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Lady Blues Jackie Amos Review

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Black Velvet My Angel I have did a few shows with the legend Black Velvet known as Charles Bradley, its a honor documenting this event, I had the honor to do Charles Bradley biography, I can say he is my best friend, Charles is the rebirth of a new revolution James Brown, Black Velvets concert repertoire consisted mostly of his ideal James Brown selections, his performance of choreographed dance routines, his professional chorography of the split, his movements that will bring the dead back to life, in reviewing Mr. Charles Bradley I can only say,” Look Out World,” James brown have been reincarnated in the spirit of Black Velvet, the new generation of black soul, and the black velvet robe that accommodates Black Velvet, with his performance, Again I have not seen anyone who have come close, in his performance of the God Father Of Soul.

I give three thumbs up to my buddy Charles Bradley, Black Velvet he is now doing world tours, I love you my beloved brother.

Noumi Collectives

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