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House Of Jazz and Blues

Black Velvet / Charles Bradley
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On July 13, 2008 I had the pleasure to review Mr. Charles Bradley at his opening at the Essence lounge, the house was packed, Mr. Charles Bradley James Brown impersonator was dressed in a Velvet suit and his hair was curled and in his performance the silky white glittered cape was thrown over his shoulder as he went into the song  Try Me; the tears and sweat began to flow, Black Velvet Charles Bradley revealed the Soul of James Brown, it is incredible how two people can be just alike, his comments was; I will Keep Mr. James Brown alive.

The Soul of Soul shall never die, as Black Velvet cried out Its a mans world; and it Would be nothing; without a women or a Girl. The Audience Jumped up and the voices appeared to have a loud boom, people began crowding around him, as he fell to the floor with the mike in his hand he began to drags the mike behind him, as one of the member of the band began to follow him with the cape, this was the most captivating moment I ever seen, tears began to fall from my eyes. Could this really be happening James brown singing through another mans body.

The pain of Soul rose through his body, the spirit appeared as his body took on a new form, one would have to see it to believe it. The great legend Charles Bradley touched by the spirit of the King of Soul James brown. Many would have to see it to believe it. I was astonished voices from the grave. This is a show that you must not missed. Seeing is believing. Black velvet is the rebirth of a king. I gave his performance 10 fingers up, the highest one could go.


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