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House Of Jazz and Blues

Lasana Akachi's

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"Lasana Akachi has made cultural, political,spiritual and social contributions for the uplift of humankind in communities around the world as well as performing in numerous events and venues as an actor, artist, activist, scholar, and entertainer. He has most recently performed with the Band "King Khatakei" at the legendary Shrine nightclub in Upper Manhattan (Harlem). He headlined as Dr. Dudley Stanton in a performance of the River Niger in Lansing, Michigan, Malcolm X in the Play "The Seventh Son" with the Black Renaissance Ensemble, "GOD" or "The Lord" in James Weldon Johnson's "God's Trombones" with the Serenity Players of Washington, DC.


Mr. Akachi has also been involved conflict resolution scenarios such as Gang Mediation in Cincinnati,Ohio at The Truth Gang Summit as the moderator for peace and conciliation sessions between the various rival factions such as the Bloods, Crips, El Rukhns, Latin Kings, and other gangs or associations that have migrated to the Greater Cincinnati Area. Mr. Akachiwas the executive producer and host for the "We Speak Collective" public affairs talk show on WMBR radio in the Boston/Cambridge area for several years, as well as appearing on The Charlie Rose Show, speaking on Student Activism in an age of conservative retrenchment. Mr. Akachi also designed and implemented a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project) program at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for students seeking to do community outreach with youth in community based organizations in the Boston Area. In this particular project the connection was between an organization called Youthbuild Boston and Student Organizations at the MIT campus. He also was Co-editor of the State of the Race Volume


1, A handbook for Community development and Action in 1994, which was presented at the State of the Race Conference in Baltimore, MD. Brother Lasana was also the Co-Founder of the Collaborations/Collaboracione Poetry collective that operated in the Lansing, MI area for several years. Lasana has recently been involved with the Queens of New York Pageant at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, NY in 2009, and Movie Production work with BreakNBones Productions for commercial shoots and theatrical features. Mr. Akachi is currently a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance, Brooklyn Council of the Arts, The Maysles Institute, Doc Watchers Inc., A Funkateer, and a New active member of NAMA (New Amsterdam Music Association). He most recently performed in Dr. Barbara Ann Teer's National Black Theatre's production of Oshun (A Yoruba Dance Drama) as Obatala, the Client, Sophona, and Iku. Brother Lasana is also visual and graphic artist, photographer, poet, teacher, futurist, scientist, detective, musician, journalist, political analyst, Bible student, writer, conceptualizer of speculative thought, and Historian. -- Lasana Akachi

Lasana Akachi

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