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Jacqueline has been featured in 18 one-woman art shows. Jacqueline is also documented with Brooklyn Council of the Arts, Museum of Modern Art, United Freedom Foundation, Olympic Visions in Harlem, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Humanitarian Services Award, Brooklyn Museum, Harlem State Building, International Directory of Artist,, American artist for famous Artist, Schaumburg Library of Black Studies, Proclamation from Borough President of Brooklyn, Plaque, Rhythm an Blues Singer, Nominated to receive the international Merit Award of Poetry,  International World Wide Artist Registry. Jacqueline has been also documented Black Poet Society, and One Million Movement. Which she performed at the Harlem State Building. Jacqueline is also affiliated with Medgar College Alumni. Jacqueline created a painting for Honorable Winnie Mandela at the Victoria Theater.
Jacqueline has spent most of her time donating many of her paintings to charities. Whether it is her services to programs for children. Jacqueline Amos is an Ordained Minster, she is the director of Missions World Wide, International Faith Restoration ctr, She has been awarded the Humanitarian award by the Philippians People Ministry. Jacqueline have donated paintings to schools, lawyers, universities, auctions, educational facilities, these are just some of her contributions. Which also holds collection of Artist, Poet, Author, Jacqueline Amos
Jacqueline Amos has exhibited with the renaissance Artist,  Wessui, artist such as Leroy Campbell, Abdul Rochman, Floyd Sapp, Otte O’Neal, James  Seypeo, James Mc Coy, Teddy Gunn, these are just a few famous artist she have exhibited with.
Jacqueline donated 5 paintings all proceeds donated to the children of Assin Kruwa for Brand New School House. Which was honored to chief test Zakia of Harlem. She has also volunteered her services to human life. Jacqueline honored the late Queen Mother Moore a painting In My Fathers House. Queen Mother Moore marched with Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Evers and many civil rights leaders. Many Collectors hold Jacqueline’s works of Art. Doctors, Universities, Hospitals, Churches, Banks, Corporations. Jacqueline prefer working in acrylic, but her over all goals is mix media,  Jacqueline Amos served on the Artist Advisory Board in Jamaica Queens, she also created shows for the members and staff, Blues, Poetry, African Drummers, as well as many medias, Jacqueline received media release for the work that she brought to the center, board, staff, and members; Jacqueline also exhibited with Art and Ability; Jacqueline states I am a person with capabilities nevertheless many might look at me, as a person with a disability, but my scars are deep within, but its better to be the giver than the receiver, because all wounds shall heal within.
World Wide Review of Jacqueline Amos/ By Jurate Macnoriute, Brooklyn Counsel of the Arts, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, United Freedom Foundation, Olympic Visions in Harlem, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Humanitarian Services Award, Harlem State Building, International Directory of Artist, American artist for famous Artist, Schaumburg Library of Black Studies, Ethiopia Coptic Church Museum, American Artist Association, International Word Wide; Jacqueline has been featured with Bcat TV. Jacqueline has performed 18 one-woman shows in Art. African Cafe, Medgar Evers College, Rotunda, 7 episodes The Biography of Artist Jacqueline Amos, Jacob Jarvis, 26 Federal Plaza, City College Grassroots Connection, Biography of Jacqueline Amos, Jacqueline has also been featured with Grassroots' connections, TV, Roundtable Radio. Jacqueline was also featured on Medgar Evers College Radio(Biography, Roundtable Radio, Supreme Court Building, One Million Women March, City Bank, Long Island University, Public Schools, Harlem Gallery, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Charles Inns Memorial Library, Women Creative Expressions, Medgar Evers College Art Auction and Sale, Featuring the works of renown Black Artist, Sky Light Gallery, A Moment Of Time Independent Arts Gallery, Federal Plaza, Jacqueline has been an access to Educational, Universities, Corporations, Churches, Jacqueline mentored at the New Rochelle School of New Resources, Brooklyn Campus Faith Annual Career Day Conference, Medgar Evers College, Junior High Schools, Public Schools, Essie Davis Memorial Annual Scholarship Fund Committee , Black Woman History Month Family Jazz loft,
Jacqueline is a graduate of Medgar Evers College, Degree in Education, and minored in Arts Education, Cambridge Who's Who In America, Emerald,  Jacqueline Amos a publish Author, documented with the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Schaumburg Library Of Black Studies, Ethiopia Coptic Church Museum, American Artist Association, International Word Wide Registry, Harlem Gallery, Harlem State Culture Building, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Medgar Evers College Historical Art Archives, Brooklyn Counsel Of
 The Arts, Emerald Who’s Who’ Executives and Professionals, World Wide Artist, Humanitarian Award, Philippians and American People, Proclamation Noumi Arts (Borough President, Howard Golden Proclamation from, (David A. Patterson, New York State Senate, 29th District, Bedford Styvesant Art and Culture, Black Hero’s, Medgar Evers College Alumni, U.S.A. Honorary Society
News Papers
Daily Challenge 1995 through 200
Amsterdam News ( Auction to Benefit Schools in Ghana   Dec 16, 1995
Able  Independent Living Center  August  1998
Our Time Press  1999

Biography Lady Blues Jackie In My Mama House
Lady Blues Jackie Amos is the newest style since the 1940's her influences such as Bessie Smith, Billy Holiday, Lenis Guess, Langston Hughes and many who came before her, in her unique style Lady Blues the soul of soul impacts the black roots of blues, Jacqueline favorite phase, I came through the back door, but now I am returning in the front. My Mama told me I was a country girl, I took the train on the silver Media, from the south, I don milk many cows, and road on the back of the bus, but I have arrived to another level of black jazz, for those who were before me, I must keep the torch burning, I am the new arrival from the past, Lady Blues Jackie have worked the fields of blues, and milked the clubs of Brooklyn's house, but I have been born again, on the back of the south, and in the new halls of New York, play me some of those down home blues, I will take you back to the woods of the south, through the mystery of blues, the cries of the pain that centered in man hearts, I have arrived to bring back that down home south. Lady Blues first gained widespread recognition Tar Hill Lounge, Cave, Fulton Terrace, Sugar Hill, Many of her compositions, " Lodi Pop, "I Got A Sugar Daddy", "He May Not Be Very Fancy", "Creeping," Lady Blues also a publish author and International Artist, this is just some of her contributions to the world of arts, Lady Blues said, I am the statue of the invisible blues, all that comes through me have lived and pass on, but though the synopsis of rebirth, I shall cloak the voices of black roots.
Lady Blues states nobody knows my name, buy my compositions shall compliment the sounds of black roots. The blues was born the motherland of suffering and pain, oh how the poetic revolution, when the Deep South lived and prayed by the black psalms. The history that bared the pain and the underground that brought a new day, through the suffering came enhancement, and through the roots of cries brought character.
Quiet Storm Jazz
Lord It Hurt So Bad
Nothing But The Blues


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