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Artist James Sepyo

Timmy Mc Cray and abno Mc Cray TIMMY YOU ARE MISSED I SALUTE THE ZULUS IN GOD WE TRUST THE LATE HODORI THE LATE ELLSWORTH AUSBY WE ARE ONE THE SPIRIT LIVES Wessui Artist The Late James Cameron Sepyo IN THE HOUSE OF JAH IN THE NAME OF JAH Bob Marley Romare Bearden Mary McLeod Bethum Queen Mother Audrey Moore Tribute To Our Ancestors The Spirit Continues To Rise The Blues Treasure The Spirits Of Our Ancestors Gallery Ancestors Corner Marcus Garvey The Prophets House Tribute To Rosa Park The Prophet Malcolm X Shabazz


James Sepyo

James Sepyo one of the most dynamic artists of the 21st Century, blessings be upon you my brother, writer, poet, artist, Jazz musians, you have given to the world your most valuable possesions, Sepyo I give thanks that I have been in your company, you taugt me the jewels of being an artist, your spirit will remain in my heart,

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