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The Prophets House

Timmy Mc Cray and abno Mc Cray TIMMY YOU ARE MISSED I SALUTE THE ZULUS IN GOD WE TRUST THE LATE HODORI THE LATE ELLSWORTH AUSBY WE ARE ONE THE SPIRIT LIVES Wessui Artist The Late James Cameron Sepyo IN THE HOUSE OF JAH IN THE NAME OF JAH Bob Marley Romare Bearden Mary McLeod Bethum Queen Mother Audrey Moore Tribute To Our Ancestors The Spirit Continues To Rise The Blues Treasure The Spirits Of Our Ancestors Gallery Ancestors Corner Marcus Garvey The Prophets House Tribute To Rosa Park The Prophet Malcolm X Shabazz



In this house of my brothers;  who have sacrifice there's life, for freedom . Many went on starve themselves, sacrifice that we may walk free. I give honors to my brothers of the Cross.


Nor has the gift of the Spirit been
...merely passive. Given to this nation in blood;
So each man must reclaim his inheritance;
which was give in grace, abide his final
fate. I stepped from my cell's confinement
the hell that sits upon my feet. Humbly I
speak, God protect me from my self, The
wooded logs that lye upon my house, the
fires that Burn to give me light, through
the light the darkness Continue to seek
in, oh the grace of thy God That shelters
me, who am I ? The words of Thy father
the loyal subject to Gods house.
Like a cage bird, which sings for freedom,
and the rage for freedom, I shall change
this place call earth;In the standings of Gods demands;
That lingers to live upon God’s house
the soul of the soul son, de’ master Lord God,
Image from the black sparring clay, black rivers
that created the image I wear, Wraith of the
slave trade, I claimed my freedom, from the
envy of man, yet they continue to set traps,
I shall not bow over, my legacy written in the
script of gold, I drink from the golden cup of
the trading rills; I am the soul of humble many
don’t know my name, As school leaving age
arrives, future prospects become clear;

A life on the dole, a slave to the state,
very predictable fears.I cry not for this blinded world, the servant
will be the one, who sits at the lord table,
and the avenger will hold the door, ancient
ere slave master began. My instructions come
de little black book. I shed no tears, I cry
pain of world, de lord say,
the black stallion of the skies.
It is not freedom from prison he seek; it is
the darkness that man feels within self,
It is freedom from the hypnotic thought of change,
thieves we meet: All life is now a soulless
prison, the spirit of death, beaten down,
A wild suspense between heaven and hell:
But unto the image of man, life
upon the silhouette of his home ;
Remembering the message God
whispered upon his ear, son we are one,
Continue your journey, which you may come home
I give to thee the lifeline that you may grow in the Universe.
Your tribes shall carry your name, and the seed shall live on.

I give to thee the jewels women that you shall breed,
Many nations, your legacy shall live on.
I the father and the son of prophesy hear me as I speak.
Let not vanity kill your roots, as the lynching of your brothers
Shall repeat until you my son come together as one,
Damnation shall be your legacy to come.I have given to you great nations, the seed of the seed.
My son you continue to make the same mistake.
Be not the follower of the flock, but the leader of the sheep.
Let not the history of your pass be the victory of the dark.
Rise upon your universe, and gather your inheritance as I
Have given you my son; There was only one tribe of Abraham
Your children shall be lost; A banded not your seed for it is genocide

Upon your own family tree I have given you great wealth.
As the Niles of the African voices scream within the air
Wisdom shall be your freedom from the burning universe,
you dwell.Reclaim your identity that your roots will honor you with great wealth.
I never made a slave only those who continue to try to destroy
The creations of my holy turf Rise my Prophets the world is yours
To claim I shall continue to send my
Sons until your mission is complete
Pick up the torch and lead


Huey Newton Biography

Political Figure / Activist

Huey Newton and fellow activist Bobby Seale founded the radical Black Panther Party in 1966. Under their leadership the group became a political force both admired and feared for its aggressively militant stance. In 1967 Newton was arrested and charged with killing an Oakland police officer during a dispute, leading to a much-publicized "Free Huey" campaign organized by the Panthers. His 1968 conviction was overturned due to procedural errors. In 1973 Newton escaped other criminal charges by fleeing to Cuba; he returned in 1977 and in 1980 earned a doctorate in philosophy from the University of California. Newton was killed in a 1989 dispute with a drug dealer.

Extra credit: Newton's autobiography, Revolutionary Suicide, was published in 1973.

Four Good Links

The Black Panthers gives the lowdown on Newton's group

A Huey P. Newton Story

Free-form website based on a 2002 PBS movie based on a stage play

Interview with Huey Newton

Hippyland reprints a 1968 interview

Wikipedia: Huey P. Newton

The online encyclopedia has a detailed bio, plus links

Vital Stats


17 February 1942


Monroe, Louisiana


shot to death)

Best Known As

Co-founder of the Black Panthers

Artist Jacqueline Amos @2000

Huey Newton The Son of the Almighty God, Graduated from the University Of God, Received a Degree, Blue Print of Freedom, In this house, thy father have ordained his warriors of the cross, Give thanks to Allah, Jah

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