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Biography Lady Blues Jackie

 In My Mama House


Lady Blues Jackie Amos is the newest style since the 1940's her influences such as Bessie Smith, Billy Holiday, Lenis Guess, Langston Hughes and many who came before her, in her unique style Lady Blues the soul of soul impacts the black roots of blues, Jacqueline favorite phase, I came through the back door, but now I am returning in the front. My Mama told me I was a country girl, I took the train on the silver Media, from the south, I don milk many cows, and road on the back of the bus, but I have arrived to another level of black jazz, for those who were before me, I must keep the torch burning, I am the new arrival from the past, Lady Blues Jackie have worked the fields of blues, and milked the clubs of Brooklyn's house, but I have been born again, on the back of the south, and in the new halls of New York, play me some of those down home blues, I will take you back to the woods of the south, through the mystery of blues, the cries of the pain that centered in man hearts, I have arrived to bring back that down home south. Lady Blues first gained widespread recognition Tar Hill Lounge, Cave, Fulton Terrace, Sugar Hill, Many of her compositions, " Lodi Pop, "I Got A Sugar Daddy", "He May Not Be Very Fancy", "Creeping," Lady Blues also a publish author and International Artist, this is just some of her contributions to the world of arts, Lady Blues said, I am the statue of the invisible blues, all that comes through me have lived and pass on, but though the synopsis of rebirth, I shall cloak the voices of black roots. Lady Blues states nobody knows my name, buy my compositions shall compliment the sounds of black roots. The blues was born the motherland of suffering and pain, oh how the poetic revolution, when the Deep South lived and prayed by the black psalms. The history that bared the pain and the underground that brought a new day, through the suffering came enhancement, and through the roots of cries brought character. CD’S Quiet Storm Jazz Lord It Hurt So Bad Nothing But The Blues

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