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House Of Jazz and Blues

HarrMonika Musik
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Blues Legend Drae




"Were It Not For You"

During the production of "The Bluest Blues" CD HarrMonika's vocal coach and mentor World Class Tenor Donald Carr passed away. HarrMonika decided to postpone the production of what would have been his third CD and with the cooperation of the Frankie & Donnie Productions and the Carr Family started production on "Were It Not For You" as a "Tribute To Family" and to honor Mr. Carr. For HarrMonika it was an opportunity to recall and revisit all the kind things that family friends and close associates had done to support his career and life. HarrMonika also wanted to enlist some of the musicians that he had grown up with in musik. Don and Frankie's eldest son, guitarist Donnie Carr, one of HarrMonika's closest friends since childhood was the first on the list. Monty Pollard, a music prodigy since a young age and one of HarrMonika's early mentors and friends was next. Add to that mix the multi-talented Andre Hunter AKA "The Original Drae" who HarrMonika met during his Robbie G and Dynamic Superiors days was called in to provide some production support and for his superior rapping and writing skills. "Frankie" and Don took an interest in a little boy from across the street, adopting him as the fifth son and becoming in effect his musical parents. HarrMonika credits his mom Mrs. Delores E. Roy with instilling the love of music in him by providing him with a quality stereo sound system in their home and her good taste in music, especially jazz and r&b. Mr. & Mrs. Carr who both were singers noticed a spark of talent in the young boy and nurtured his talent. HarrMonika has performed all over the world with legendary performers, appeared on nationally televised programming, performed in an internationally distributed movie, played on many major label recordings and produced his own CDs through his independent label that he started in 1998.


Poet/Author Rosa Estelle Saintkitts joined the organization in 2003 as HarrMonika Musik's administrative assistant.  With HarrMonika Musik's assistance, she formed Rosa Poems in 2005.  In the summer of 2007 a publisher was found and her first book of poetry went into production.  January 09, 2008 "Rosa Amor" was published in English and Espanol under the same cover.  The book has been well recieved and there are plans in the works to take it international with its introduction at the Frankfurt Book Fair this Summer.

"Were It Not For You" Song Listing
A Song For "Frankie" Carr (Were It Not For You)
Were It Not For (Interlude)
Be Mine
The Voice Of The Spirit
I Surrender All
Lark & Sylvia
Soon (I Will Be Gone)
Piano For Mom
Hey Miracle
Big Ups
Lullaby For Monika & Rolland
A Life Is A Precious Thing